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What is Ligota?

Ligota – Print to Play basic edition is an economic, non-violent euro game for 2-5 players. Each of them takes on the role of founder of a new village surrounded by dense forest.

Ligota – a settlement founded on in cruda radice with a development relief (free) for its new inhabitants. The name was popular in medieval Poland and comes from the Old Polish language. Written as “ligota” or “lgota”, it meant relief, i.e. the exemption of localities from taxes, so that they could develop faster economically. At that time, these localities functioned as today’s special economic zones.

Starting with a patch of cleared land, each village will gradually expand. For the time of the game years, players will develop their villages by building houses, workshops and public buildings. Firstly the village will expand by clearing more patches of forest, and later by replacing older settlements with better ones. As a result of this struggle, the founder with the most points at the end of the fourth year wins.

Ligota – Print to Play basic edition contains all the printable elements needed to play the game in both basic and advanced mode.


Each Spring, Summer and Fall players will send their villagers to gather resources, create goods, and use these to acquire special projects, that can be built in their village. However the forest is dense, and the space is scarse, so players need to carefully place their new buildings and try to expand whenever possible. Finally, every winter tests village’s stability, putting pressure on providing abundance of food. At the end of the last winter players will sum up all their points

Game mechanics:

  • Worker placement – each villager needs work – either in building, resource gathering, or simply buying felling permit!
  • Common actions – some actions are available to all players and limited. In consequence you have to decide what do you want to do in first place
  • Resource management – you need to provide food to your villagers, resources to build, and goods to expand!
  • Spatial puzzles – some buildings just work better, when there are some special conditions met, so prepare for puzzles!


  • Printable tiles, including 4 tiles non-available in free mode, focused on player interaction – graphics not included
  • Main board, ready to track the time and villages statuses throughout the game
  • Resources and villager tokens, both square and round
  • Rules, which will guide you through the game
  • Additional advanced mode for more planning-oriented players



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