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You've landed on the jackpot of code resources. Here you'll find a plethora of information regarding the codes that impact architects the most, including the newly introduced ANSI/SPRI GT-1. If you still have questions after reading through our resources, click the link in the footer banner to contact one of our helpful reps.

ANSI/SPRI GT-1 Resources

After two years of development led by the Single Ply Roofing Industry group (SPRI), ANSI/SPRI GT-1 became an official ANSI standard in May 2016. Like ANSI/SPRI/ FM 4435/ES-1 is to fascia and coping, ANSI/SPRI GT-1 provides a standard test method for gutter systems that secure membrane on commercial low slope roof systems for load resistance. In December of 2019, the International Building Code approved the inclusion of ANSI/SPRI GT1 into the 2021 IBC.

AIA Continuing Education Program: Gutters & ANSI/SPRI GT-1

Our newest AIA-approved continuing education program is tailored for architects and those who are looking for more knowledge on ANSI/SPRI GT-1. If you're interested in requesting an AIA presentation from one of our industry experts, simply click the link below to sign up.

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In addition to the AIA program, we've also published a handful of other resources focused on GT-1. Each is more helpful than the last. Take a look for yourself.

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